Asst’d Trays

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White, silver, gold, and brass trays available. Use them at a dessert buffet, or display trays for decor .

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 DeniseBillWedding_1802_CPennenga  DeniseBillWedding_5881_CPennenga

White Distressed Trays (25/pair)

Qty:  2 – Trays Inset (Med+Sm) | 1 pair

Dimensions: 18″ X 12″ (Med)


Photo by – Alyssa Shrock Photo

White Tray with Gold Handles ($15)

Qty: 1

Dimensions: 14” X 14″


Photo by – Alyssa Shrock Photo

Gold Hammered Pan Tray ($15)

Qty: 1

Dimensions: 15″