Garden Birdcages and Planters

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The brown base to these cages can be removed to hold ivy, candles or flower arrangements. We love these to accentuate any outdoor setting or to bring the outdoors in. Mix them with our other birdcages & planters for a unique collection.

Product Information

garden bird cages

Garden Birdcages ($25 Lg/ $20 Sm)

Qty: 2 | 1 Large + 1 Small

Color:  brown, metal

Description: Rustic iron birdcages 


The Bohemian Bird Cage ($20)

Qty: 1

Description: Dark gray Bohemian bird cage with working gate. Can be hung

Dimensions: 15″ H

planter bird cages

Birdcage Planters ($20 Sm, $25 Lg)

Qty: 2

Color:  brown, metal, ceramic

Height: 14-18″

Width: 8-10″

Notes: The wire top is removable from the matching ceramic base.

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