Complete Ella Ivory Lounge -9 pc | (2-3 mini lounges)

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This beautiful ivory lounge with a pearlescent sheen and dark wood trim is the perfect cross between elegant and modern vintage. This lounge is a blank canvas for your style or aesthetic. Can be paired with alternate tables or pillows

Product Information


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PC: Cat Pennenga Photography (last 3 photos)

Lounge Contents: | One large lounge or 2-3 mini lounges

  • Ella Ivory Couch
  • Ella Ivory Wingback Loveseat
  • (4)  Ella Ivory Armchairs
  • (2) Coffee tables (if needed)
  • (4) End Tables
  • Large area rug
  • Asst’d Accent pillows
  • **Client can make personal selections of rugs, tables, pillows and accents **

Note: The Ella complete lounge is a super versatile lounge that can be paired with a variety of accent tables, rugs, pillows to suit your individual aesthetic. This lounge can be used in one area or you can use the pieces in 2-3 mini lounges. A great way to add comfortable and elegant charm to your event or wedding seating needs.