Custom Walls & Doors

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Custom designed walls can be used for seating tags and memory walls (can be customized upon request for your event) | White, rustic, and blue doors

Product Information

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Qty:   1 – Custom Made White Wood Seating Sign + Wall (6ft Tall) | White shelf on the wall & is a standalone wall

Color: distressed white with Gold lettering

Dimensions: 6ft tall by 3ft wide

Weight: requires 1-2 people to move safely

Notes: Perfect for a beach or coastal event to direct your guests to seat where they’d like for Ceremony. 


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Custom 4 X 7 wall with pink linen ($Varies)

(Can be customized upon request)

Qty: 1


Barn Wall ($Varies)

Qty: 2

Dimensions: 2 X 7


Large Barn Wall with Heart ($260)

Qty: 1

Dimensions: 5 X 7



Distressed White Door ($80)

Qty: 1


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Blue Door ($50)

Qty: 1

Description: Teal and blue door