Asst’d Cake Stands

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A variety of Cake stands perfect for your desserts or cake display. Varying heights and colors. Raw Wooden Slab cake bases

Product Information

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Cut Glass Cake Stands ($15/ea)

Qty: 4

Description: Cut Glass

Dimensions: 7” X 14”



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Eula Cake Stands ($17/ea)

Qty: 3

Description: milk glass cake stands

Dimensions: 7” X 14”



White Lacey Cake Pedestal ($12/LG, $8/SM)

Qty: 3

Description: White Chic cake pedestals and plates – chic and petite desserts and cakes.

Dimensions: 16″ W X 8″ H


Antique Cake Stand ($12)


Description: antique iron cake stand

Dimensions: 15”


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Amber Cake Stand ($15)

Qty: 1

Description: amber colored cake stand

Dimensions: 15”



Raw Edge Wooden Slab Cake Base

Qty: 2

Dimensions: 2′