Brass & Gold Candlesticks + Accents

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Various Brass Items: Candles Holders, Accents, Vases, etc.

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J Photography by Jessi Caparella J Photography by Jessi Caparella 161_PalmettoBBStyled_2142_CPennenga 

unspecifiedw39f7a1w  10926388_10203167959631950_9149471693534215719_n (1) 10931458_10203167989872706_902893113202092285_n Brass accents coll.

PC- Breathe J Photo – Alyssa Shrock Photo

Color: Brass + Gold 

Quantity: Various Items : Candles Holders, Accents, Vases, Erns, Buckets, Pails,  etc. | Email or call to inquire on details and qty