Asst’d Area Rugs (Neutral)

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Enu Woven Rug ($65)

Qty: 1

Description: Woven bamboo-like rug

Dimensions: 95×59″



Nova Gray Rug ($50)

Qty: 1

Description: gray rug with pattern. Perfect neutral base for your seating area.

Dimensions: 95×59″

Shay-Rug-NUZSG09Ab Shay-Rug-NUZSG09A

Shay Rug ($60)

Qty: 1

Description: Gray and white patterned rug. Is part of our Palm Beach set and pairs beautifully with our Sasha Teal couch.

Dimensions: 95×59″

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Alma Rug ($50)

Qty: 1

Description: beige cream and gray rug. Perfect neutral base for your seating area or lounge.

Dimensions: 95×59″


Ivory Shag Rug ($40)

Qty: 1

Description: ivory shag rug. Great for baby showers and photo-shoots.

Dimensions: 38×28


White Sheepskin Rug ($60)

Qty: 3

Description: White sheepskin rug

Dimensions: 48 x 28

Tanorientalrug_   91Qavg3vjTL._SL1500_ 91zcyCXmtZL._SL1500_

Tan Oriental Rug ($50)                                               Pink Posy Rug ($55)

Qty: 2                                                                                  Qty: 1

Description: tan/cream patterned rug                  Description: pink floral rug. Great for shabby chic photo-shoots.

Dimensions: 58×38                                                    Dimensions: 95×59″