Asst’d Area Rugs (Colored)

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Add a colored rug for a pop of color to your lounge. New Amaan Aisle Rug

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Teal and green rug ($50)

Qty: 1

Description: Teal and green vintage rug. Adds a pop of color to your seating area.

Dimensions: 92 x 64″


Navy Ikat Area Rug ($50)

Qty: 1

Description:  Navy, Cream, Red, Blue

Dimensions: 95×59″



Roohi Photography

Roohi Photography

Burgundy Cream Oriental Rug ($60)

Qty: 1

Description: Red, cream, brown, deep jewel toned rug

Dimensions: 92 x 64


Black and White Rug ($35)

Qty: 1

Description: Black and white rug

Dimensions: 22 x 44

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Tambra Oriental Rug ($50)

Qty: 1

Description: burnt orange,blue,  off white, cream

Dimensions: 80″x 52″


Amaan Red Aisle Rug ($60)

Description: Red, blue, and tan aisle rug

Dimensions: 2.5′ X 14′