$20.00 (each)

Display Case (2)

Qty: 2 Color: White Height: Length: Width: Weight: requires 1 person to move...

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Dark Walnut Chair with Ivory Seat

   Esther Louise Photography (Last 2 photos) Qty:  2 Chairs + 2 Armchairs with Ivory Pearlescent seat Color:...

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70’s Donna Table (2)

Donna table pairs nicely with our other retro style furniture and accent pieces. Qty: 2 Description: white...

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Distressed White Farm Chair (12)

Distressed Farm Chair looks great in rustic weddings and baby showers. Qty:...

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Morton Folding Chair (50)

  1930’s Morton Folding Chair  Qty: 50 Description: oak folding...

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$7.00 ea

Mismatched Wooden Chairs – (150)

  Qty:    150 Chairs Mismatched Wooden Chairs:  Natural Wood, Dark stain, Whitewash, ivory seat...

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$30.00 /ea

Asst’d Benches | Rustic + White Quilted

   Qty:    28  benches Note:: Seats 168 people at 6 ppl per bench for Ceremony |  Seats 140 at 5 ppl per...

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Candice (White) Sewing Table

      Qty: 1 Color: white Height: 2ft Width: 18″ Weight: requires 1 people to move safely Notes:...

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Carter Gray Tufted Bench (2)

Carter Gray Tufted Bench Qty: (2) Benches Description: Gray tufted bench with distressed...

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White Church Pews – (6)

  Qty:   ( 6 ) Church Pews Color: Distressed Iovry White Church Pews with tan upholstered cushioned...

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$15.00 (each)

Galvanized Bins & Trays

Qty: 5 Color: metal, galvanized Height: Length: Width: Weight: requires 1 person to move...

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Silver Antique Tea Kettles and Cups

Antique Tea Kettles and Cups, great accent pieces for rustic weddings. Qty: 2 Description: tea...

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Asst’d Vintage Cameras (8)

Qty: 6 – Cameras & Recorders | Some have Color: Black Weight: requires 1 person to move safely Notes:...

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Coconut White Dining Table – 5.5ft & 8ft w/leaf

    Qty: 1 5.5ft Dining Table with 15″ leafs. Two leafs make 8ft table Color:  Distressed...

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Natalie Coffee Table

  Natalie  Coffee Table  Qty: 1 Description: Cream octagonal wood coffee table with glass...

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Samantha End Table

    :: Samantha End Table :: Qty:  (1) Description:  Distressed White end table with drawers Notes:...

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Black Betty Rotary Phone

Qty: 1 Description: black Rotary...

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Sydney Distressed Serving Cart

Andi Mans Photography Qty: 1 Color: white  distressed Height: 3 ft   Notes: Perfect to display a cake or...

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Tiered Tea Table

Qty: 1 Color: white Height: Length: Width: Weight: requires 1 person  to move...

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Shelby MInt Table

Shelby Mint Table – Pair with a lounge set, use for props or decorative purposes....

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