Antique Wooden Postal Boxes (2)

   Qty: 2 Color: walnut/wood Weight: requires 1 person to move safely Notes: Both of the postal boxes open so...

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Teal Cage Accent Table

Teal Cage Accent Table perfect for props or flower arrangements Qty: 1 Description: Teal cage end...

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Antique 1930s Radio

Qty: 1 Color:  cherry/wood   Weight: requires 1 person to move safely Notes: Radios add a sense of...

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Antique Typewriter

:: Antique Typewriter :: Qty: 1 Color:  Black Note:  These are great for photo shoots, center pieces, table...

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Garden Green Iron Gate

Qty: 1 Color:  metal and green Height: 6 ft Width: 18″ Weight: requires 2 people to move...

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Assorted Clocks

Qty: 5 Color: brass, silver and gold Height: assorted Length: assorted Width: assorted Weight: requires 1...

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White Distressed Columns (2)

   Qty: 2 Color:  White Height: 55″ Length: 12″ Width: 12″ Weight: requires 1 person...

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$3.50- $7.50/ea

Asst’d Antler Candlesticks + Accents

Antler Pillar Candle Holders ($7.50/ea) Qty: 3 Description:  Antler pillar candle holder – great accent...

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$25 (med), $35 (lrg)

Wooden Ladder (2)

Wooden Ladders great for photo-shoots and accent pieces. Qty: 1 (med) 1 (lrg) Description: wooden step...

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Garden Birdcages and Planters

Garden Birdcages ($25 Lg/ $20 Sm) Qty: 2 | 1 Large + 1 Small Color:  brown, metal Description: Rustic iron...

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$8.00- $35(Lrg)

Asst’d Frames

Qty: 25 Color: assorted (white, walnut, oak,gold, cream and others) Height: assorted Length: assorted Width:...

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Antique Folding Wash

Qty: 1 Color:  walnut, wood Height: Length: Width: Weight: requires 1 person to move safely Notes: We...

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Antique Silver Champagne Pail

:: Antique Champagne Pail :: Qty: 1 Color: aged silver Notes: This silver pail with beautiful french handle and...

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